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A YouTube Legend, a Tabletop Titan, a Falcon and another Woman in Warhammer

Winters SEO is a batrep pioneer and he talks to Quipster about his open struggle with mental health and his recent jump to full time content creator. Adrian from Tabletop Titans talks to Steve about the new codices and how the factions work in 9th. And Tanya sits down with Maya to talk about what kept her away from Warhammer, what eventually drew her in, and her kitbashed Sisters army. All that, plus the Falcon's meta update.

We Talk to a Deaf Hobbyist and Nick Nanavati Gives Us a Coaching Tip

Tanya talks to Jason Weimar, a deaf player and painter who gives us advice on how to help deaf folks at the game table. And John meets up with Nick Nanavati, who is hot off his Warhammer Community feature, to give us a tip to elevate our game.

The Winner of No Retreat Talks About Space Wolves, and Is Mini Painting Truly Art?

On today's episode Steve sits down Fletcher Giles, the winner of No Retreat 9, to talk about Space Wolves, and what makes the tournament so fun. And Tanya sits down with Twitch and commission painter Captain MaddLove to discuss whether or not miniature painting is truly art or not.

An Artist Making Custom 40K Fine Art and Iron Hands Win Again!

On today's show Skari talks to artist Kasia Virlandil about their 40k inspired commissioned fine art. And Peter the Falcon talks to John Lennon about his Iron Halo win.

BBone's Fundraiser For A Great Cause and a Hands-on Look at New Necrons

Bbone from Tabletop Tactics stopped in to tell Tanya about his Sober October Fundraiser for CALMzone, a men's mental health charity. And we get part 2 of Skari's hands-on codex review: this time for Necrons. Is the hype justified?

Hands-on New Codex Review with Archon Skari and A Unique Painting Tip

On today's show Steve talks to Skari about his thoughts on the new Marine codex now that he has had his hands on it and played a game with the new rules; and Tanya gets a painting tip from Emma of Dice'n Demons YouTube channel.

A New Team Member, Falcon's Meta Analysis, Defence of Dal'yth and a GT for a Great Cause.

Our Saturday Round Up is a selection of great stories from the week and the Falcon analyzes the meta for us.

A Tournament Raising Money for a Child Battling Cancer; and an Art of War Coach Talks with his Student.

A bunch of really great dudes in New South Wales raised money through a GT for a Child with Leukemia; and Tanya talks with her 40k coach, Alex Macdougall to give you an idea of what coaching looks like and what it can do for you.

Playing Warhammer in Hong Kong, and How To Win Tournaments With Demons.

On today's show, our new team member Quipster talks to the Sandman to get the details about what its like playing in London compared to Hong Kong; and Steve sits down with Sam Whitt to talk about his recent win with Chaos Demons at the New Zealand GT.

Dyeing in the 41st Millenium and the Top Performing Factions After the Weekend

Tanya sits down with Van Keene from DyeingToBatik to talk about her unique, hand-crafted Warhammer inspired apparel. And Peter the Falcon breaks down the meta for us after 7 GT events last weekend gave him more data(the results are surprising).

Balancing Being a Mom and Hobby, and Space Wolves Take Top Spot at No Retreat 9

Melanie is a Woman in Warhammer that balances being a mom, with life and hobby. And Steven Pardo from SN BattleReports gives us a recap from No Retreat 9 and gives us insight on why Space Wolves took top spot.

The Defence of Dal'yth Is On Now, and Are Demons Set to Dominate the Tournament Scene?

Tanya talks to Jay and Alex about their Instagram initiative #defenceofdalyth and finds out how we all can take part in the story; and the Falcon spoke to Dan Savage about his Chaos Daemons list that recently won the Brisbane GT.

A 40 Hour Gaming Marathon, Painting Through Unsteady Hands, Meta Analysis and Getting Ready for the Iron Halo

Catch our favorite segments from the week in our Saturday Roundup, and tune in next week to hear more great stories from throughout our hobby.

Coaching Tip from a Stud (or Scrub?), and the Brains Behind the Iron Halo.

Jason Horn runs the Lord Marshall Conference and he tells us what it is like running one of the largest tournaments of the ITC season: the Iron Halo. And Dustin Henshaw of the Stud or Scrub podcast and WTC Team Canada gives us a coaching tip on playing on the back foot.

How Pros Prepare for Big Tournaments, and Playing 40k for 40 Hours Straight for Charity

Peter the Falcon talks to John Lennon about the list he is bringing to the Iron Halo, and how he prepares for these major tournaments. And Steve Talks to Andrew Weller about his marathon game "40 hours of 40k", and how much money he raised for the CALMzone.

Never paint terrain again? And the Falcon Analyzes the Meta

Steve talks to Kim Styles of Kreative Scenery to find out about their pre-painted, modular terrain. And Peter the Falcon does our first Meta Analysis segment.

A Giant Necromunda Community and Augmented Reality for Warhammer

Tanya meets Dave, the man behind YakTribe: a huge online community for Necromunda fans. And John catches up with Nils to find out about upcoming interactive features for the Rightful Ruler App.

Shaking Hands Doesn't Excuse You From Painting Anymore; and Argentina's WTC Team

Tanya talks to Dexter, a GW superfan with tremor,s who paints wonderful models and invalidates the "my hands are too shaky" argument. And Skari talks to Mariano about the Argentina WTC Team and what it's like to be a hobbyist in that country.

Skari and Peter the Falcon Join the Team, a Colourblind painter, and Hellstorm Mikey.

On this week's round-up episode you get a taste of our 2 new team members. Skari chatted with Matt about what it takes to open a successful brick and mortar store. Peter the Falcon spoke to Shane Watts about his tournament winning Ork list. Tanya talked to Yan, an amazingly talented painter experiencing colourblindness. And John caught up with Hellstorm Mikey about taking the big leap to being a full-time content creator.

The Great Wargaming Survey, and a Coaching Tip from Nick Nanvati

On today's show we talk to Jasper Oorthuys from Karwansaray Publishers about the Great Wargaming Survey: an annual survey about the habits of wargamers. And Nick Nanavati from the Art of War Coaching service is here with a tip to help us get better at the game.

An Incredible Colorblind Painter and We Clear Up Some Rules

Tanya sits down to talk painting with Yan Miller, a brilliant painter experiencing colourblindness. And Steve catches up with Rob from Goonhammer who clears up some common 9th edition rules misinterpretations.

Using Failure to Grow as a Painter, and our Ork Faction Focus.

On today's episode Tanya talks to Rob from Catorrabbit Scalemodel Studio about the value of embracing failure in order to grow as an artist. And Peter the Falcon talks to Shane Watts from Goonhammer about his success with Orks in 9th edition.

Advice on Starting a Game Store and Another Woman in Warhammer

Kirsty is a veteran Woman in Warhammer and she is running a series of interviews on Instagram with female hobbyists. And Skari talks to Matt, a man who recently bought a game store and he gives us some insight on what it takes to be successful.

NOCF Digital Lounge Recap, and Hellstorm Mikey Does Warhammer Full Time.

Paul Murphy gives us a recap of the Nova Open Charitable Foundation's Digital Lounge: a successful fundraiser he hosted this passed weekend. And the loveable Hellstorm Mikey has made the jump into content creation full time and he gives some advice to aspiring content creators.

A Visually Impaired Wargamer, a Warning Against Meta Chasing, A Hobby Tip From a Pro, and We Learn About the Polish Meta

The weekly roundup this week features James, a visually impaired wargamer who inspires us; Simon Elsen gives us a tip to help us get our armies painted faster ; we meet the hosts of Contact Lost, a Polish wargaming podcast; and John Lennon warns us that chasing the meta might not actually lead to wins on the table.

SN BattleReports No Retreat Plus a Coaching Tip

Steven Pardo from SN BattleReports is here to tell us all about his exclusive tournament No Retreat and the big names that will be there. And Art of War coach John Lennon tells why we should think twice before chasing the meta.

A visually impaired hobbyist shares his story plus a hobby tip.

We meet Jason, a visually impaired hobbyist who builds and plays and inspires us; and White Dwarf featured artist Simon Elsen is back with a hobby tip to help speed up the painting process.

A Legendary Charity Raffle and our Necron Faction Focus

The legendary Dave Taylor is here to tell us about a giant charity raffle that allows us all a chance to win a masterpiece. And we get our Necron faction focus.

Cold Open Stories Is Back! And we learn about Warhammer in Poland

Colyn from Cold Open Stories gives us an update and tells us about the newest Aeldari fiction releases coming up. And we learn about the Polish meta from Tomek and Michal of Contact Lost podcast.

Revisiting Men's Mental Health and a Coaching Tip

We revisit the topic of Men's Mental Health with a mental health professional who tells us specifically how hobbies can help us deal with depression and anxiety. And Art of War Coach John Lennon gives us a coaching tip.

Stats Analysis with the Falcon and a Hobby Tip

Peter the Falcon from 40k Stats Centre breaks down the numbers for us and tells us which factions are dominating the emerging meta. And George Thompson from Beyond the Battlefield podcast gives us a hobby tip about using cork more effectively.

Grim Dark Filthy Casuals and an Eldar Faction Focus

Brian from Grim Dark Filthy Casuals podcast is here to give us an idea about what the show is all about, and WTC Team USA player Kurt Clauss is here to give us the Aeldari Faction Focus.

We speak to 2 warahmmer heros

Bridger the Man behind the Scenes at Tabletop Titans joins us along with Dan Gomez who is a legitimate Warhammer hero.

Learning about the Russian Meta and The Art of war's Tournament info

We learn all about the Russian meta from an organizer from Moscow and Nick Nanavati gives us all the details about the Art of war Streaming Tourney.

Tyranids, White Dwarf Featured Army, Tabletop Titans at it again and a 120000 Point game

We talk to Dallas Rappaport about Tyranids in the new edition We get a hobby tip from an aritist who had their army featured in White Dwarf Brian Pullen stops by to tell us whats going on over at Tabletop Titans and Skari and Kyle drop us some info on a super cool event.

120000 Point Game !!! and how to pull victory from the jaws of defeat in 9th Edition

We talk to Archon Skari and Kyle from Gear guts mekshop about a huge game of 40k and get a coaching tip from the one and only Mark Perry.

#BloodForTheBloodDrive with Warbudgies, and Info about the T5S2 Invitational

Warbudgies, a wargaming YouTube channel is running a giveaway that also gives the gift of life. And Trevy from Tactical Tortoise tells us all about the t5s2 invitational.

A White Dwarf Featured Artist, Plus a Tyranids Faction Focus

Simon Elsen tells us about his Sons of Horus army featured in this week's White Dwarf, and Dallas Rapport gives our Tyranid Faction Focus: he lets us know how Nids can excel at the mission in 9th.

The Iron Halo is back, and so is Tokyo Tactical

Frank from Tokyo Tactical tells us how it was to run his first RTT of 9th edition, and we get the scoop on this year's Iron Halo major from Jason Horn.

Tabletop Titans Tournament Series and another Woman in Warhammer.

Brian Pullen from Tabletop Titans drops in to tell us about their new tournament series. And we meet Sophia, a woman in Warhammer who loves Thousand Sons and has advice for making hobby spaces more inviting for women.

Salamanders, A woman in warhammer, Meta Update with the Falcon and Salty John getting salty.

This week we covered a faction focus on the Salamanders and what tricks they bring to the table in 9th edition, Kylie tells us all about her love for all things chaos, Salty John talks about WAAC players and the Falcon closes us out with a great update on how the 9th edition meta is shaping up.

What's Up With WAAC Players? And the Editor of Tabletop Inquirer

John and Salty John sit down to talk about Win At All Cost Players and how to deal with; and Rutherford B. Sindermann, the Editor in Chief of the Tabletop Inquirer, tells us how the "publication" came to be.

Meta Rundown and the Flying Monkey Con Recap

Bam from Flying Monkey Con gives us a recap of the ITC Major over the weekend, and Peter the Falcon tells us what the meta is looking like early on in 9th edition.

Salamanders Are the New Hotness, and a 40k Illustrator.

Today we meet Beaver Bennett, an illustrator who has been making avatars for warhammer content creators, and Dan Sammons gives us some insight into his GT winning Salamanders list (and gives us tips if we get paired against Salamanders ourselves).

No More Alpha Strike and A Truly Amazing Eldar army.

We talk to the folks from Objective Secured about their 48 player tournament and get some surprising statistics about 9th edition. Tomas is a painter and kitbasher with an amazing Eldar army and he tells us how he put it all together.

Stop Comparing Your Painting to Others, and another Woman in Warhammer

We meet Skiggle, an amazing painter and Twitch streamer who wants us to embrace our mistakes, and Kailey is our Woman in Warhammer feature who4 tells us about her love for Nurgle Demons.

40k Today -- Weekly Roundup for August 9 to 14

Emma is a YouTuber and our Women and Warhammer feature. We talk to the creator of Warp Beacon, one of the most successful 40k YouTube channels. We talk to Josh about his Charity event taking place this weekend and James Grover from Goonhammer gives us a breakdown of the week's erratas.

Making Sense of All Those Erratas and a Coaching Tip

James Grover from Goonhammer drops by to help us make sense of the week's erratas, and Art of War Coach John Lennon gives us a tip to help minimize those "gotcha" moments.

Top Players Raise Money for a Special Needs Charity and Another Women in Warhammer

Josh Schutz is organizing an invitational charity tournament this weekend which will be streamed on Twitch; and Manda is a Woman in Warhammer who has a knack for scenic bases.

Advice from the Archon and Things We Wish We Had Known When We Started Painting.

Ryan Ward, a painter known for bright colours and advanced techniques, tells us all the things he wish someone told him when he started painting; Archon Skari is back to tell us where Drukhari fit in the 9th edition meta and how the latest FAQ effects the Dark Kin.

Stats Centre is Back! Plus The Biggest Warhammer YouTube Content Creator You Might Not Have Heard Of

Steve catches up with Val Heffelfinger and they talk about the return of Stats Centre; John talks to Shawn, the man behind Warp Beacon, a Russian 40k YouTube channel with 177k+ subscribers.

Ad Mech Wins a GT and another Woman in Warhammer

We talk to a GT winner from new Zealand about his Ad Mech experience and we chat with another women in warhammer.

40k Today Special: Talking About Men's Mental Health

We are in the middle of a men's mental health crisis. We want to have a conversation to help break down the stigma associated with sharing feelings and seeking help. Our guests talk to us about how gaming can be a positive emotional outlet and how we can support our friends and family who might be struggling.

40k Today, Thursday 6 August

On today's show Trevy from Tactical Tortoise tells us about his new TTS tournament and how we can all watch the excitement, and Battlefleet Gothic aficionado Tom Harding tells us how to make bits with blue stuff.

40k Today, Wednesday 5 August

On today's show WTC's Neil Kerr drops in to tell us more about his new podcast, and Stephen Box from Vanguard Tactics explains how Blood Angels are going to work in 9th edition.

40k Today, Tuesday 4 August

Tanya is back from the Board Room Brawl and she talks to the winner, Matt Bodnarchuk, about his Harlequin list; and we have part 2 of our interview with Rob from Honest Wargamer where he tells us about T-Sports.

40k Today, Monday Aug 3 2020

We get an update about the new Studio at SN battle reports and we talk to the one and only Rob the Honest Wargamer. g

40k Today -- Weekly Roundup for July 27 - Through July 31.

We talk to Brandon Grant about Astra Militarum in the new edition, Tom Adriany tells us all about THE WTC, their missions and terrain for 9th edition, we find out all the deets about the Boardroom Brawl and Superplayer Alex McDougal gives us some great tips for playing the new missions

40k Today, Friday 31 July

Art of War coach Alex Macdougall is on the show today and gives us a tip on list building for 9th edition. Also on the show we talk to Paul from Best Coast Pairings about some new features in the app that are coming your way soon.

40k Today, Thursday 30 July

Today Tanya talks to tournament organizer Scott about his unique event, the Board Room Brawl, and John talks to Nick from Art of War about how coaching can help you speed up your learning process.

40K Today, Wednesday 29 July

Today we continue our 9th Edition Celebration by talking to Nils from Minitaur gaming about updates coming to Rightful Ruler, and Brandon Grant gives us our Astra Militarum faction focus.

40k Today, Tuesday July 28

We get an update about the WTC and we check in on Frontline Gaming.

40k Today Monday July 27th 2020

We talk to Adam from the Army Painter about our contest and some new metallic paints and Stephen Box about his intro to 9th edition videos.

40k Today -- Weekly Roundup for July 20 - Through July 24.

I don't want to bury the lead so we are going to talk with Reece Robbins about a new Contest ! Salty John emplores eveyrone to just RELAX.. Snipe and Wib share their infections enthusiasm for 40k and Legend Paul Murphy tells us all about the New Models

40k Today, Friday 24 July

On today's show Reece Robbins from Frontline Gaming announces a huge giveaway, and Steve gets a hands-on review of the models of the Indomitus boxed set from Paul Murphy

40k Today, Thursday 23 July

Today Steve Joll is back as host and he also interviews Andrew Dart from Hobbyvices about his efforts to help Colyn from Cold Open Stories. And we meet Natalie, a Woman in Warhammer with a passion for Orks.

40k Today, Wednesday 22 July

On today's episode Stephen Box of Vanguard Tactics talks to us about running safe tournaments, and Art of War coach Richard Siegler gives us our Tau faction focus.

40k Today, Tuesday 21 July

On today's episode Salty John reminds us to hold the salt until we fully test out the new edition, and Zach Becker is here to make some announcements about the London GT 2021

40k Today, Monday 20 July

On Today's episode Snipe and Wib talk to us about their throwback YouTube series Codex Compliant, and Adam Solis of TFG Radio Podcast John about how the podcast got started.

40k Today Weekly roundup July 13 - July 17

This week we talked to a very cute little women in warhammer, got army starting advice, a coaching tip from a pro and a great use for contrast pants.

40k Today, Friday 17 July

On today's show Tanya talks to Jay about his beautifully painted, cell shaded Tau army, and John catches up with Mark Wolfgang Perry to learn the differences between strategy and tactics and how the new edition might leverage each differently.

40k Today, Thursday 16 July

On today's show Shoshie Bauer gives us some painting tips on how to get started with a new army, and Tony Kopach, 9th edition playtester, gives us insight into the points changes of #new40k.

40k Today, Wednesday 14 July

Today Archon Skari from SkaredCast tells us how Drukhari will fare in the new edition, and Eric Festa gives us a tip about how to get good results with Citadel contrast paint.

40k Today, Tuesday 14 July

Today Nick Nanavati tells us which factions come out on top with the new point changes, and Tanya gives her top tips for getting a new army to the table quickly.

40k Today, Monday 13 July

Today we meet Phil, a warhammer hero who is bringing homebrew Astartes chapters to life, and Tanya talks to Ava, a very special young Woman in Warhammer.

40k Today Weekly Roundup July 6 - July 10

Our weekly roundup of great interviews with Brian Pullen From Tabletop Titans, Adam Camelleri from Art Of War Down Under, Steve from Play On, and Innes Wilson talks about his online league for Team Scotland.

40k Today, Friday 10 July

On today's episode Adam Abramowicz gives us our hobby tip for picking colour schemes, and Robert Jones from Goonhammer stops in to talk about Crusade campaigns in the new edition.

40k Today, Thursday 9 July

Steve from Play On Tabletop came on to talk to Tanya about #40kin40sec, and Hank Edley sat down with John to discuss how Adepticon and the new edition will fit together.

40k Today, Wednesday 8 July

On today's show Tyler Agee gives us a behind the scenes look into the Battlescribe App, and Adam Camilleri gives us our Astra Militarum Faction Focus.

40k Today, Tuesday 7 July

Brian Pullen, a GW playtester and content creator with Tabletop Titans is here to give us an idea of the mountain of content the channel has lined up for us. We also talk to Frank about his app that makes it possible to play 40k with people who don't even speak the same language!

40k Today, Monday 6 July

Today on the show John talks to Steve Joll about being published by Cold Open Stories! And Innes Wilson tells us how TTS is shaking up his meta online.

40k Today, Friday 3 July

On today's show Oculus Imperia stops by and tells us just how the YouTube channel got started and how much work really goes into those in depth lore explorations. Nick Nanvati drops in to talk to use about some of the nuanced changes in the new edition.

40k Today, Thursday 2 July

In today's episode Tanya sits down with Courtney from Figuratively Speaking Minis to talk about her recent dive into the game, and Salty John is here to tell us about how he got his moniker.

40k Today, Wednesday 1 July

Today we meet Jordan, a man putting LED lights into Necron models and getting stunning results; and the legendary Don Hoosen gives us our Death Guard Faction Focus.

40k Today, Tuesday June 30

It's our 100th episode and the whole team has assembled to give you a glimpse into what it's like to bring you daily hobby content. We talk about how we assembled, what we are proud of, and our hopes for the future of the program.

40k Today, Monday 29 June

Today we meet Craig, a warhammer hero who is inspiring others to be kind through use of the hashtag #spreadthehobbylove, and our own Steve Joll drops in to talk about his experience at the first tournament in New Zealand since the Covid outbreak

40k Today Weekly Roundup June 22 - June 26

Our weekly review includes great interviews with Canhammer Darren, Peter The Falcon, Quipster and David Koszka..... MOTD:

40k Today, Friday 26 June

On today's show Colin from Cold Open Stories tells us about an exciting new interactive project, and Tj Lanigan gives us a coaching tip. 4

40k Today, Thursday 25 June

On today's episode John talks to Eric Festa about his easy 4 step paint tutorials, and Peter the Falcon stops by to talk to us about the parts of #new40k that will shake up the competitive meta.

40k Today, Wednesday 24 June

On today's show Archon Skari from Skaredcast gives us his take on our #new40k weekly poll question, and Quipster from DZTV has read over 130 Black Library books and tells us about some of his favourite grimdark moments.

40k Today, Tuesday 23 June

In today's episode Darren Tse from Canhammer gives us our Faction Focus on Custodes, and Twitch streamer Impending Duff gives us some tips and tricks to help us paint better eyes.

40k Today, Monday 22 June

Today we meet a man who has collected 1000 grots for his Ork hoard, and David Koszka gives us a class in converting our models to turn them into something really special.

40k Today Weekly Roundup June 15 - 19

This week we featured a women in warhammer, Talked Engine War with Junior, Talked #NEW40K with Brad Chester and if your lore curious we talked with the Lorehammer guys.

40k Today, Friday 19 June

Today Paul talks to the guys from Lorehammer about their favourite parts of the Grimdark Universe, and John talks to Adam Camilleri from Down Under Network about what changes may be on the horizon for the competitive scene now with #new40k on the way.

40k Today, Thursday 18 June

On today's episode John catches up with Art of War coach Alex Macdougall to talk about sportsmanship in Warhammer 40k, and Tanya sits down with Jen to talk about what it's like to raise a wargaming family and organize one of the biggest wargaming tournaments in Western Canada.

40k Today, Wednesday 17 June

Tanya talks to Mark Langille from Schooner Labs about his laser cut wargaming gadgets, and John talks to Junior Aflleje who gives us our Imperial Knight Faction Focus.

40k Today, Tuesday 16 June

John taught Seamus and Tanya how to play 40k on TTS over the weekend and they all got together to talk about the experience. Brad Chester, Art of War coach and GW play tester, gives us some insight into the bright future of #new40k

40k Today, Monday 15 June

Alex Bainter gives us a summary of the hot new releases from the weekend, including that beautiful boxset. Tanya chats with Jason Craze from Monument Hobbies about the Pro-Acryl line of paints.

40k Today Weekly Round Up 06/08 - 06/12

If you missed anything this week we are here to give you our favourite stories. Mikey Herbert and Stephen Box debate cutting mats to the new minimum size, Brian Pullen dropped in to let us know what Tabletop Titans has in the works for us and Jim Vesal gives us our Faction Focus on Chaos Demons.

40k Today, Friday 12 June

Tabletop Titans has gotten back into the studio to make batreps so Brian Pullen catches up with John; Big Bear 3d printing tells us about a big project they have coming soon to a convention near you.

40k Today, Thursday 11 June

Stephen Box from the Vanguard Tactics and Mikey from Hellstorm Gaming debate if we should cut our play mats down to size or not, and discuss the pros and cons of the change to table sizes.

40k Today, Wednesday 10 June

Today we get a hobby tip for highlighting and shading yellow from Devonian Maher, and Jim Vesal returns to sum up the Chaos Demons' Psychic Awakening in our Faction Focus.

40k Today, Tuesday 9 June

Today Reece Robbins from Frontline Gaming talks to us about what the change in table size could mean for Tournament Organizers, and Jason Horne from the Lord Marshall Conference has an exciting announcement to make.

40k Today, Monday 8 June

On today's episode we learn about how Obey Alliance is taking Warhammer 40K into the world of E-Sports and Archon Skari gives us a coaching tip to help us going into the new edition.

40k Today Weekly Roundup 6/1 - 6/5

We talk about #NEW40k with Paul from Forge the Narrative and Mikey From Hellstorm Wargaming. Jim Vesal drops by to talk about his amazing Soul Drinkers and ITC Champion Richard Siegler Talks with us about the new Ad Mech goodies.

40k Today, Friday 5 June

#NEW40K. Today we talk all things 9th edition with Paul from Forge the Narrative and Mikey from Hellstorm Wargaming.

40k Today, Thursday 4 June

In today's episode Nils from Rightful Ruler is back to tell us what else they're up to, and top European player Tom Leighton tells us what he's most looking forward to in 9th. Er, we mean #New40k

40k Today, Wednesday 3 June

Today Nils from the Rightful Ruler App stops in to tell us how augmented reality is going to change the way we play Warhammer 40k, and Richard Siegler gives us our Ad Mech Faction Focus.

40k Today, Tuesday 2 June

Paul talks to top competitive player and painter Jim Vesal about his Soul Drinkers army. We also meet another woman in warhammer: Charlotte is all about table top role playing in the 41st millennium.

40k Today, Monday 1 June

We take a look at the new stuff coming out for Games workshop with Alex Bainter and Trevy from Tactical Tortoise stops by with a huge Announcement.

40k Today, Weekly Roundup 5/25 - 5/29

We review the best interviews of the week. We talk to a true hero, A cron player about #NEW40k, A Former White Dwarf Editor who was there at the birth of 40k, and one of our favorite Content Producers makes his triumphant return.

40k Today, Friday 29 May

In Todays episode Nick Nanavati swings by to talk about getting ready for 9th edition and Tanya Gates sits down with Kyle from Gear Guts Mek Shop

40k Today, Thursday 28 May (Repost due to technical issues)

On today's show, we go back to the beginning to hear about the birth of 40k with a man who helped edit the very first rulebook! And John catches up with the head judge from LVO!

40k Today, Thursday 28 May

On today's show, we go back to the beginning to hear about the birth of 40k with a man who helped edit the very first rulebook! And John catches up with the head judge from LVO!

40k Today, Wednesday 27 May

We travel back in time to hear about when 40k was introduced with the then editor of White Dwarf and we talk to a real life hero that turned his 3d printers into the task of making Personal Protective equipment for frontline workers at the start of the pandemic.

40k Today, Tuesday 26 May

Today we meet one of the best Necron players on the planet to talk about #New40k and what the Crons might want from it, and Val from 40k Stats Centre stops by to tell us when, where and how they're making a comeback!

40k Today, Monday 25th of May

9th Edition Talk. We talk with Paul Murphy from Forge the Narrative, Tanya Gates and Alex Bainter about the major annoucement from this past weekend.

40k Today -- Weekly Roundup for May 18 - Through May 22.

It's our weekly review. If you missed some of our episodes this week you can get a selection of our favorite interviews from the week. We talk to a Genuine Warhammer Hero, disucss the Army Painters Nordic Shield Initiative, Learn about A sweet Short Story contest and Archon Skari tells all about the Harlequins.

40k Today, Friday 22 May

John DeMaris talks us through his recent Tabletop Simulator experience, and superstar coach John Lennon helps us out with a tip that'll really help us play better. And you won't believe the Model of the Day!

40k Today, Thursday 21 May

In todays Episode we Talk to another Warhammer Superfan and then talk to a world class hobbyist.

40k Today Wednesday May 20

Archon Skari drops by to talk about Harlequins and we talk to an author who got his short story published by Cold Open Stories.

40k Today, Tuesday 19 May

Today we talk to Adam from Army Painter about the Nordic Shield and celebrate Best In Faction's Podcast's Birthday.

40k Today, Monday 18 May

In this episode we meet a genuine Warhammer Hero - a man who has his name on the wall of heroes at Warhammer Fest! And Archon Skari drops by to read 40k fan fiction in a brand new feature. Oh... And there's a HUGE Model of the Day!

40k Today, Saturday 16th May

Its the best of the Week from 40k today !!

40k Today, Friday 15th May

In Todays Episode we get a coaching tip from the one and only Nick Nanavati and we catch up with Warhammer superfan Kyle McCord. So how many points does a superfan have painted in their collection ? Tune in to find out.

40k Today, Thursday 14th May

In this episode, get the code to enter our MEGA 40k GIVEAWAY. Also, we meet a Vegas game store owner doing his best to get through the global pandemic, and we speak to an artist from Belarus about his amazing 3D 40K creations. Oh, and there's a Model of the Day!

40k Today, Wednesday 13th May

Today, in our hobby room Kicker Kalozdi from Frontline Gaming give us some great tips for using decals and top UK player Innes Wilson helps make the most of Dark Angels post PA. And our Model of the Day is by the Sloane Ranger himself!

40k Today, Tuesday 12 May

It's the big one! All the details of our MEGA 40k GIVEAWAY! Listen to find out how to win! And we meet Emma from Objective Secured - Australian event organisers, podcasters, merch providers et al!

40k Today, Monday 11 May

There's a real focus on the heroes of our hobby in this all action episode! We meet Boris from Bad Moon Cafe in London and talk about his auction for NHS, and Neil Kerr tells us about being chief judge at the WTC.

40k Today, Weekly Roundup May 4 - 8


40k Today, Friday 8th May

It's another packed episode! In 15 minutes we wrap up our Facebook poll, meet a Warhammer hero keeping people supplied with hobby goodness at the bottom of the world, Brad Chester stops by to coach us a little and we unveil another Model of the Day!

40k Today, Thursday May 7, 2020

Today we learn about what Goonhammer thinks the Spring FAQ should have been and check some magic with Magnets. Model of the day: Goonhammer: The 40k Today facebook poll: Philip Spence: Beyond the Tabletop on facebook Look Out, Sir podcast

40k Today, Wednesday 6th May

Adrian from a Tabletop Titans stops by to talk about their Hobby Hangouts, Colin McDade tells us how Death Watch did out of the Psychic Awakening, and we show off another (sing along) Model of the Day!

40k Today, Tuesday 5th May

In today's action packed episode we meet a hero of the game - the man behind one of 40k's biggest Facebook groups, and this week's Woman in Warhammer is also one half of the wh40k bookclub. And check out our new Model of the Day song!

40k Today, Monday 4 May

Happy Star Wars Day! In this episode we meet our newest team member, catch up with the latest from the weekend, and talk competitive 40k on TTS. It's packed with 40k fun!

40k Today, Friday 1 May

In today's episode Austin Wingfield talks about The Wobbly Modeller and his Battle Brothers podcast, and Stephen Box gives us the low down on how to get the best out of Blood Angels!

40k Today Thursday April 30, 2020

Breaking News. Big announcement from Best Coast Pairings and Down Under Pairings.

40k Today, Wednesday 29 April

In this episode we meet the creators of 'Tweets of War'! Tyler and Ceri had an idea that's so crazy it just might work! And Devonian Maher helps us paint a nice, smooth yellow!

40k Today, Tuesday 28 April

In this episode... Dave! The man behind Miniwargaming tells us how he got started and what goes on in the bunker. A must-listen!

40k Today Monday April 27, 2020

We talk to another Women in Warhammer, Jen Bosier, and catch up with Innes Wilson and talk about his Worst Unit in Warhammer Bracket.

40k Today, Friday 24 April

Today John and Steve catch up about some of the coolest stuff happening in 40k right now, and one if the world's best players, Nick Nanavati, gives us a hot take on coaching.

40k Today, Thursday 23 April

In this episode we meet a Frank who has created an amazing App to make your 40k playing life easier, and the legend Paul Murphy breaks down Space Wolves in our Faction Focus!

40k Today, Wednesday 22 April

This episode is dedicated to our love of reading the fantastic fiction of the Black Library. 'Warmistress' Tanya Gates joins us to review her latest great read.

40k Today, Tuesday 21 April

In this episode Trevy from Tactical Tortoise tells us about his Tabletop Simulator tournament (and how to watch it), and James from Goonhammer runs us through how to assess your opponent's army pregame.

40k Today, Monday 20 April

On today's show Alex Bainter gives us the goods on all the 40k releases from the weekend, and Tom Adriany from the 40k World Team Champs tells us whether the event is on or not, and what to expect next!

40k Today, Friday 17 April

In this episode we ask LVO runner up Brad Chester for one great tip that will help you play better, and we offer a chance at stardom with the audio dramas of Cold Open Stories!

40k Today, Thursday April 16, 2020

This week we celebrate another Woman in Warhammer, Joana from Olaf Miniatures drops in to talk hobby with Steve and John talks to Alex from New Zealand about another Tabletop Simulator Tourney to check out.

40k Today, Wednesday April 15

In todays show we talk with the one and only Archon Skari about the Lord Marshall's conference Tabletop Simulator tourney that he played in last week. We also catchup with BIFPOD's Colin Sherman on how to make quality content.

40k Today, Tuesday April 14

In Todays Episode we talk about Painting Competitions around the world as well as the Magic of dipping your army to achieve a high tabletop standard quickly and easily.

40k Today, Thursday 9 April

In this episode we meet the team behind Play on Tabletop and talk about their awesome, short form battle reports, and we talk to the creator of the most amazing tank conversion ever! How did he do it?

40k Today, Wednesday 8 April

Big, BIG news from the team at The Army Painter as they step up to fight Covid19, and John Lennon takes Tyranids to the next level in our faction focus. This is a must listen episode!

40k Today, Tuesday 7 April

In this episode the legendary Mikey from Hellstorm Wargaming talks about making content in lockdown, and Nell Byler is our guest as a Woman in Warhammer.

40k Today, Monday 6 April

In this episode, Alex Bainter breaks down all the news from GW's big Twitch releases and announcements. And Val from 40k Stats Centre has found a way to fill the 40k void... Blood Bowl 2!

40k Today, Friday 3rd April

It's Friday! For anyone that's ever wanted to create a 40k podcast, or take their podcast to the next level, we break down the gear you'll need, and Nick Nanavati gives us one great coaching tip. Want to play better?

40k Today, Thursday 2 April

In this episode, Rob Chilton from Goonhammer helps us understand the Line of Sight rules, and pro painting maestro Devonian Maher gives us some great tips for painting faces.

40k Today, Wednesday April 1st, 2020

In this episode we Check out Adrians Sweet Disco Lord conversion and talk to the one and only Richard Siegler about Grey Knights buffs from Psychic Awakening.

40k Today, Tuesday March 31, 2020

Today we talk with Mark from the Battlehosts about some excellent Black Library books. We also catch up with Amy from Siege Studios to talk about women in Wargaming.

40k Today, Monday March 30, 2020

Today we talk about the Preview that GW dropped over the weekend. We also talk with Jason Horn about a Tabletop Simulator Tournament in the Lord Marshal Conference.

40k Today, Friday March 27, 2020

Today we talk to Stephen Box about Mental Health and then share some things to do while on Lockdown.

40k Today, Thursday March 26, 2020

In Todays episode we talk with Reece Robbins about the ITC actions during the COVID Pandemic and also return to our feature of women in Warhammer with Shaylynn Allen from the In the Finest Hour Podcast.

40k Today, Wednesday March 25, 2020

In todays show we talk about the Adepticon Preview, other interesting content, and with Jeff Poole about what the orks got from PA.

40k Today, Tuesday 24 March, 2020

Today we discuss Tabletop Simulator and get some great painting tips from Shoshie !

40k Today, Monday March 23, 2020

We talk to the one and Only Rhino about starting Chapter Tactics and Steve and John catch up about the New Zealand Masters.

40k Today, Friday 20 March, 2020

In todays episode we talk about upcoming events, some news from around the 40k Universe and talk with Pro TableTops very own Damien.

40k Today, Thursday 19 March, 2020

In today's episode we listen in to the latest episode of the 40k Stats Centre podcast for the tournament numbers, and pro painter Devonian Maher helps us wirh painting metalics.

40k Today, Wednesday 18 March, 2020

Today, our content producer Alex Bainter gives us the low down on some of the coolest new stuff, and ace Chaos player TJ Lanigan breaks down the best of Psychic Awakening for the Thousand Sons.

40k Today, Tuesday 17 March, 2020

In this episode Tony Pierce gives us a brief overview of the weekend's winning factions, Tom Adriany, TO for the 40k World Team Champs talks to us about Covid19, and we meet the Warmistress!

40k Today, Monday 16 March, 2020

In this episode John speaks with Adepticon co-founder Hank Edley about having to cancel the event, and pro painter Lincoln Wright gives us some great advice for getting started with an airbrush.

40k Today, Friday 13 March

In this episode Trevy from Tactical Tortoise previews the weekend's tournament ts, and we meet Skari for a chat about life, the universe and Drukhari.

40k Today, Thursday 12 March, 2020

In this episode, Peter 'the Falcon' Colosimo from 40k Stats Centre crunches the numbers, and he crunches them hard. And Rob 'the Rules Lawyer' Chilton from Goonhammer piles in to the fight phase.

40k Today, Wednesday 11 March, 2020

In today's programme, our content producing Wunderkind, Alex Bainter, takes us through the coolest of the cool stuff that we have to watch, read, order and wait for. And Alex Macdougall, coach and servant of the 4 armed emperor, gives us his take on what's going on for GSC in the new meta.

40k Today, Tuesday March 10th, 2020

On today's show, Tony Pierce gives us a quick look at the numbers from last weekend's round of tournaments, we meet Peter Platell from the Aussie WTC team and David Moss gives us some amazing insights into the game in Japan and its unique challenges. Also, we find out where John is!

40k Today, Monday 9 March, 2020

Today on the show, top UK player and host of Vanguard Tactics, Stephen Box talks to us about getting better at the game, and we have some top tips from Adam at Army Painter.

40k Today Friday March 6, 2020

Today we talk with Nick Nanavati about getting 40k coaching. But first we have Trevy break down the coming weekends events. Like us on facebook.

40k Today Thursday March 5, 2020

Today we break down the Space Marine Errata's effect on 2 major events with Peter The Falcon from Stats Center. Jason Horn joins us to tell us about the Lord Marshal Conference. Leave us a review on facebook.

40k Today Wednesday March 4th 2020

We talk with John Lennon about the Brohammer team and discuss the Brush Wielders Union with Simon Berman. Like us on Facebook

40k Today Tuesday March 3, 2020

We talk to Brandon Grant about Astra Militarum buffs in "The Greater Good". We also talk to Kev Zoellinger about Austria hosting the WTC this year.

40k Today Monday March 2, 2020

Today we dive into the how the Space Marine Errata affects Raven Guard with Brad Chester. We also talk with Steve Pardo about SN Battle Reports. Find us on Facebook !~

40k Today Friday Feb 28, 2020

Richard Siegler helps us break down the new Space Marine Errata and we talk to Paul Murphy from Forge The Narrative about doing a podcast

40k Today Thursday Feb 27, 2020

In today's Episode we talk about the World Team Championship with Team USA Coach Adam Abramowitz. In our Hobby Round Up we talk about a super amazing tool for keeping your rules straight.... ButtScribe.

40k Today Wednesday Feb 26, 2020

We talk to Brian Pullen about TAU in our Faction Focus, We highlight several interesting content producers including Caleb Wissenbeck on Airbrushing with GW paints, Darren Latham on Weathering Effects, and Matt Castro doing a really fun Reality You Tube about learning 40k with his friends.

40k Today Tuesday Feb 25, 2020

We cover the news of the day, take a deep dive into the Meta with The Falcon and celebrate Warhammer Hero Boris Michev of the Bad Moon Cafe.

40k Today Monday Feb 24, 2020

Today we talk about the NEW ITC missions, The US Army 40k Team, and cover whats in the news.

40K Today Friday Feb 21, 2020

Today is Friday Feb 21, 2020 and we discuss the New ITC rules and what 40k Today is all about.

40k Today